6 Basic Principle in Insurance

Insurance is a person's actions taken to protect one's self from a loss in the form of health, 1997 financial, property and so on, this is a step that is someone to obtain redress in case of unexpected events or unwanted incident against what he deems very important good treasure or related to someone's soul. for example, the occurrence of the damage to the property of the House as the fire damage occurred or the place of residence on the tools such as personal vehicles, which, in this case the property belonging to the system of property insurance. other examples such as the occurrence of lost items or items of value that would have in insure the insurers, then it is entitled to damages for what is on him, and he would get appropriate compensation price of goods which have been the missing of course correspond to the insurance system. In the world of insurance there are at least 6 things basic that must be fulfilled:

the rights of the insurer the insurer to invite others who shared the same stand, but not the same as the obligations to the insured to participate in terms of providing indemnity.

transfer of rights over an assertion from the insured to the insurer susudah the claim is paid.

a system or mechanism which insurer provides a financial compensation in the event that the effort put into the financial position of the insured that he have a moment and before the occurrence of a loss (KUHD article 252, 253 and reaffirmed in article 278).

the Proximate cause :
An active, causes the efficiency that can cause for the incidents that can cause something due to the absence of an intervention that began and actively from new and independent sources.

the Utmost good faith:
An act committed to disclose accurately and also complete, all material facts, about something that would be insured either requested or not. Meaning: the insurer must honestly describe everything clearly about the extent of the terms/conditions of insurance and the insured must also give a clear description and correct over objects or interests which will dipertanggungkan.

Nsurable interest:
the right to insure, arising from a financial or financial relationship between someone insured by the insured and legally recognized.

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