The Best Games Smartphones Android 2018 - 2019

Hi all what reportedly, every year a great many different types of games that recently sprung up especially for games with the android system, thousands of games can you guys get and also you guys download the playstore in from free to paid or Premium, well at this time, we will be posting a little to recommend a nice game and also a fun moment in the play our version of the course in accordance with the following is a list of the best smartphone games:

CarX Highway Racing:
CarX Highway Racing is a racing game that has bercatagory to its own popular in the world of gamers, this game is very good in terms of graphics, much like realistic and also have very full 3D support, in this game you can find various sports car that is super cool and also very fast, you can also update and also upgrade the car that you guys have for the race, in addition keseruan from game CarX Highway Racing every race it will chase you guys i.e. police, who will try to stop the car rate you, for in terms of playing it quite easily, each car will also be equipped turbo to drive the pace car.

Dragon Hill 2:
Dragon Hill 2 is a game that bercatagorykan running and also the adventure, you guys in the game Dragon Hill 2 will play a boy who rides a dragon that was used to destroy the enemy, in which his rival was the zombies are super crazy who ruled the town, in the game Dragon Hill 2 it you guys are obliged to take the coins and also destroy the boss at any stage, but to do so is not easy a lot of obstacles that come your way, sometimes you guys must be careful in their stride due to rintang of the most troublesome is the acidic fluid that is under the ground which could destroy the Dragon which you control, so should be extra careful to play the game of Dragon Hill 2.

Demolition Derby 2:
Demolition Derby 2 this is a pretty fun game and become a pretty cool game for you to play, in-game Demolition Derby 2 is not hard to play it, you just choose the car that will be used to fight in an arena, the Mission of the Demolition Derby game 2 is quite easy you guys stay destroy opponent's cars in the arena of battle cars, cooped up inside her way quite easy you guys just need to crash into all cars that were in front of you and sekencang as hard as possible until it was completely destroyed and blown up, its mission is to survive enemy attack until the end, if you guys could be the last cars diarena fighting means you guys win but if you guys ruined in the past means the mission is considered failed.

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